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"Cottage" can be "regularized"?

This reporter recently visited the "cottage phone" gathered in Shenzhen Huaqiang North Electronics Street, found that these low prices, looks like "name brand" to attract a large number of mobile phone consumers. At the same time, of those fake victory, "cottage" for infringement of intellectual property, quality, insecurity and so on, caused widespread doubts in the industry.

"Cottage" what should we do? Some experts suggested that should the "cottage" category-regulation, to encourage strong "cottage business" by adding "regular."

"Cottage" sales hot in Shenzhen a "cottage Street"

Spring Festival, reporters visited Shenzhen Huaqiang North Commercial Street, large and small, mobile communications market and found that each mobile communication market is surging crowd, a babel of voices. Many customers are working in the Shenzhen migrant workers, their purpose is very clear: to spend three or four hundred dollars, buy a glossy appearance, feature-rich "cottage" to the relatives and friends during Chinese New Year, "Xiu Xiu."

Futian, Shenzhen Bureau of Trade and Industry Branch of the relevant official told reporters, did not get mobile phone licenses (or record) in the domestic mobile phone production collectively referred to as "cottage." According to the statistics branch of the investigation to the end of 2007, Huaqiang North already has a communications and electronic manufacturing market 39, of which 10,000 square meters in size more than 35 electronic communications market, Huaqiang North peripheral aggregation and cell phone-related businesses more than 1000 , employing 20 people. While the market boom, "cottage" start breeding flooding. Today, almost every mobile phone, Huaqiang North telecommunications market have become a "cottage" in the world, only through the digital city of the Ming, Yuan Wang Digital Mall will have over 90 brands of the 5000 variety of "cottage" sales. One was selling "cottage" industry sources have told reporters, Huaqiang North's "cottage" with ten thousands of many.

Sales staff told reporters, buy "cottage" of consumers to low-income people, "some students, they catch the trend of constantly changing cell phones, this phone for a few hundred dollars they had." Reporter Yuan Wang Digital Mall to see a selection of mobile phones are being buried Zhou Hua, Zhou Hua, Shenzhen City, Bagualing a garment factory worker, he told reporters, his cell phone is the main entertainment, a market he could not resist a new "early adopters "Therefore, the past two years he has been replaced four phones.

And "cottage" is relatively hot sales, domestic mobile phone brand's market share shrinking, sales dropped significantly. Huaqiang North Although there are many brands mobile phone shop, but reporters saw the door, many consumers ask "Is there cottage", when the brand mobile phone shop attendant said "no", they turned away. Dongguan, China-made mobile phone brands, a survey said: "The cottage" accounted for 34% of domestic mobile phone market around. In the "cottage" of cheap campaign, the current number of domestic mobile phone brands with the basic operation is difficult to support, not to mention continue to invest funds to develop new products, build its own brand.

"Cottage" appeal: low prices, follow the trend of fast

"Cottage" of attractiveness? Reporter learned that "cottage" to bypass network detection limit, get rid of fast, cheap mobile phones produced, only one-third of mobile phone brand, price Most of 400 yuan, or even as low as 200.

In addition to cheap, the "cottage" the most attractive place to be "beside name brand", which follow the trend of the speed is really astounding. Longsheng engaged in wholesale mobile phone sales Song Zhang showed reporters a "cottage" version of the "iphone", which in appearance with the real "iphone" almost exactly the same screen on a real machine, accessories, weight, interface, memory Dengjun to 1:1 copy, with a finger touch screen, "album", "music", "games" and other icons, interface demonstrated one by one. But for the color screen and a real machine out there, this "cottage" really real ones had. This "cottage" the price is 780 yuan, but with a "iphone" real machine sells for more than 4000 yuan.

Huaqiang North reporter saw all kinds of mobile phone communications market, "Pong Brand" and "cottage", which in appearance and name brand mobile phones are very close, in order to avoid intellectual property issues, some of these phones is not printed on the brand identity, and some logo and brand to make the nuances of mobile phone: If "Dopuda" made "Donoda", "Samsung" made "Sumsung" and so on. In addition, some "cottage" in the counterfeit brand name, the on-screen settings, the keyboard's keys layout have also been slightly altered.

"Cottage" manufacturers A Strong told reporters that such "Pong brand" phone call "high imitation machine", its production chain in order to develop the mold of some leading enterprises specializing in mold development and production of popular models and mass production mobile phone accessories, plus a number of underground workshops only have a simple production tools can phone assembly. General brand new phone within 15 days of launch, "high imitation machines" can be mounted on the counter mobile communications market. "Cottage" factory was responsible for gathering information, was very sensitive, or even just play some brand mobile advertising, has not officially on the market, "cottage" factory had a "high imitation of" the same style of phone.

Experts suggest the "cottage" category-regulation

This reporter has learned, and now has formed around the Huaqiang North, a very large and complete "cottage" industry chain, include the composition of any one part of a mobile phone from the program design, software development, mold making, board accessories supply assembly processing, printing and packaging, to marketing, logistics, after-sales service nothing is there.

This complete industry chain Why did not into the "regular army" ranks, but insisted on a "cottage" service? "Cottage" A strong manufacturer told us that his cell phone and regular phone manufacturing production process compared to only just short of "corporate record" and "test sample network," these two links. A strong Why do not mobile phones, "regularization"? Because mobile networks have a tripartite test to test a model of mobile phone production, need to collect 50 phone sample test, detection time takes 1 month to 3 months , each test would cost mobile phone for more than 300,000 yuan. Detection of high costs and long test time strongly discouraged to A, so A strong despite their "cottage" status is not willing to, but still has yet to join the "regular army" ranks.

Futian, Shenzhen Bureau of Trade and Industry Deputy Chief of Branch of economic checks Yaoxue Xiong spoke in an interview in today's market and introduce new high speed mobile phone is an invaluable asset in the market, too long really test may force some companies to avoid network testing procedures and launched the "cottage." Yao Xuexiong that mobile phone technology into the basic shape has a new phone primarily in the appearance and add functionality to break through, network test threshold can be reduced to encourage more businesses to "regular."

Yao Xuexiong that the current "cottage" industry in both small workshops and also have a certain strength of large companies should be monitoring the implementation of classification, and can be "regularized" part of "cottage business" to boot. According to Yao Xuexiong introduction, Huaqiang North's "cottage" ABC can be divided into three categories: A class of machines including the lease of a corporate brand licensing, OEM mobile phone, "OEM machine," fake "OEM machine", and site without indicating the name of "light trigger" three; B class of machine is specially selling fake brand cell phone models "high imitation machines"; C class machine is a "refurbished aircraft," buy "high imitation of" famous brand mobile phones shell, set the old mobile phone chip board assembly is made.

Yao Xuexiong suggestions: for those who counterfeit brand to others, against the legal rights of others, to make illegal profits in the B, C class machines, we must resolutely combat; while those for "high threshold" and strayed into heterodox school of the A class machines, should be taken a more lenient policy, test results on product quality based on the quality of qualified encouraged to join the "regular army" substandard quality of the firm clean up the market.

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